Song Title: Cowboy

[Verse 1]
Well I'm packin' up my game and I'mma head out west
Where real women come equipped with scripts and fake breasts
Find a nest in the Hills, chill like Flynt
Buy an old drop-top find a spot to pimp
And I'mma Kid Rock it up and down ya' block
With a bottle of scotch and watch lots a crotch
Buy a yacht with a flag sayin' "Chillin' the Most"
Then rock that bitch up and down the coast
Give a toast to the sun, drink with the stars
Get thrown in the mix and get tossed outta bars
Sip the Tiajuana, I want to roam
Find old town chillin' fools then come back home
Start an escort service for all the right reasons
And set up shop at the top of Four Seasons
Kid Rock and I'm the real McCoy
And I'm headed out west sucker because I want to be a

Cowboy, baby!
With the top let back and the sunshine shinin'
Cowboy, baby!
West Coast chillin' with the Boone's wine
I want to be a Cowboy, baby!
Ride at night cause I sleep all day!
Cowboy, baby!
I can smell a pig from a mile away

[Verse 2]
I bet you'll hear my whistle blowin when my train rolls in
It goes (whistling), like dust in the wind
Stoned pimp, stoned freak, stoned out of my mind
I once was lost but now I'm just blind
Palm trees and weeds, scabbed knees and rice
Get a map to the stars, find Heidi Fleiss
And if the price is right then I'm gonna make my bid boy
And let Cali-for-ni-a know why they call me


[Verse 3]
Kid Rock you can call me Tex
Rollin' Sunset woman with a bottle of Beck's
Seen a slimmy in a 'Vette, rolled down my glass
And said "Yeah this dick fits right in your ass"
No kiddin', gun slingin', spurs hittin' the floor
Call me hoss, I'm the boss with the sauce and the whores
No remorse for the sheriff, in his eye I ain't right
I'ma paint his town red then paint his wife white
Cause chaos rock like Amedeus
Find West Coast pussy for my Detroit playas
Mack like mayors ball like Lakers
They told us to leave but bet they can't make us
Why they wanna pick on me
Lock me up and snort away my key
I ain't no G, I'm just a regular failure
I ain't straight outta Compton, I'm straight out the trailer
Cuss like a sailor, drink like a mick
My only words of wisdom are just suck my dick
I'm flickin' my Bic up and down that coast and
Keep on truckin' till I fall in the ocean


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